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Membership Dues for 2018 - Annual membership is from January to December.

Quilt Guild Membership $25.00/year

Business Category 1, quilt related storefront business, with employees  $72.00/year

Business Category 2, quilt related business with no employees including quilt instructors, long arm quilters, fabric dyers, etc.  $36.00/year

Non-Profit Organization  $50.00/year

Individual Member  $16.00/year


Payments are accepted by Check in the US Mail or using PayPal/Credit Card

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Our Purpose? 

QCNYS, Inc., a non-profit organization, was formed in 1986:

  • to foster and promote knowledge and participation in all forms and aspects of quilt making

  • to act as an information network for quilt guilds, organizations, business and individuals with similar objectives in promoting interest in fiber and quilt making.

  • to readily inform its members of resources available to them

  • to foster education through the cooperative sharing of speakers, teachers and programs.

Why should your guild join?

  • to promote your events to over 3000 quilters across New York State

  • to get ideas for programs and network with other members

  • to share information about teachers and other resources

  • to network your events in our quarterly newsletter, on events our calendar, website, Travel Club Passport and Facebook page.

What are your guild's obligations if you join?

  • promote QCNYS, Inc. sponsored events.

  • get involved by attending quarterly membership meetings and helping plan QCNYS events

  • guilds appoint two delegates as representatives at our quarterly meetings but all members are encouraged to attend.

  • send information describing your events for publication in our newsletter and for posting on our website and Facebook page.

What does QCNYS provide in return?

  • includes your Guild's President, Program Chair, Newsletter Editor,  Delegates, Business Members and members of your organizations in our mailing list for all QCNYS publications.

  • help increase attendance at your quilt show through the QCNYS Travel Club Passport program

  • invitation to your Program Chairs to participate in our annual meeting of Program Chairs to plan future events, brainstorm and share information.

  • provide all of your guild members with discounted rates for all QCNYS sponsored events.

  • provide an opportunity for educational scholarships and community service grant funds for all members.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the QCNYS President  at




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last updated January 2018