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Spring/Summer Edition          May 2012



Pamela Langdon

(585) 349- 2596   


Vice President: Marilyn Urciuoli



Past President:

Dianne Miller

(585) 374-6962


Secretary: Martha Wetzler              



Treasurer: Natalie Masker



Committee Chairs

Historian: Judy LaMay  


Membership: Linda Storrings



Info Chair: Valerie Schultz



Meeting Program: Janet Lutz



Webmistress: Ann Hawkins

315-759-1492 (cell)


Hello Quilters,
As spring has arrived and the riot of colors surrounds us, let us be thankful.
I want to send a very big ‘Thank You’ to Thread Bears for hosting such a wonderful meeting in March. The day was beautiful, the group was great and food was special. Thanks to all your members for the delicious soups, it was hard deciding which one to try. Also thanks for the cute little mice, your group must have worked hard to get all those made.
I think it was a great meeting and we were able to finish in three hours from start to finish. I would like to change the placement of a few items on the agenda in hope of breaking up the meeting a little. We will try having our presenter before lunch to give you more time to ask questions of the person and to buy product during the lunch break.
Delegate talks will be after lunch and I need your input. Do you have any ideas to make it run smoother? We ask that your delegates share the special activities you have done in the last four month and keep the talk down to just a few sentences. We all like to hear what is happening in the other groups but people start getting antsy about half way through and the noise level goes up. It isn’t fair to those who come last and we often miss some of the best ideas. I was giving everyone one and a half minutes during the March meeting but even then the pace was hard to keep. Sorry if it seemed as if I was pushing you to speed up.
We will do show and tell at the end of the meeting and see how it works.

Remember - If you have a raffle quilt to show to contact the hosting group when you sign up for the meeting. That will give the host some idea how much space needs to be available for your quilt rack and quilt.

Enjoy your Spring and happy stitching,


  • Service Project Report

  • Historically Speaking...

  • June 2012 Meeting Information and Form

  • Membership Report

  • Nominating Committee

  • QCNYS Travel Club

  • Vice President's Article, "I Have a Vision"

  • Newsletter Deadline and Submission Needs

  • Minutes for March 2012 Meeting


Service Project Report

The service project for 2012-2013 was decided by a ballet vote at the meeting in March. The majority vote was for small quilts to be given to our State Police. New York State has over two hundred and fifty marked State Police vehicles. These quilts can be kept in the cars for use in those unfortunate circumstances when there is a need to remove a small child from their home. The quilts are meant to provide the child with something to hold and cuddle. The calming influence will be greatly appreciated by the troopers. The quilts may be made in two sizes: 18 X 24 inches or 34 X 36 inches.
The project will begin in September 2012 and end in June 2013.

If this is a project your group normally does it would be nice if you simply share with us the number your guild completes. Let’s all get behind this project and see how many quilts we can get done.

Delegates please take this idea to your groups and join in on the fun!
Thank You in advance,

Kathleen Gilbert
Service Project Coordinator

Please Note: The preemie blankets/ incubator covers came in at a close second. For guilds that might want to pursue this within the guild here are a few guidelines: The preemie blankets should be no more than 15 inches square, without batting and with a warm fabric like flannel on one side. The incubator covers should be no more than 30 inches square and also made without batting.

HISTORICALLY SPEAKING...                                                                            By Judy LeMay

 As the new Historian for the QCNYS, I have been asked to do an article for the Networker Notes. At the March meeting I was given the items the past historian had in her possession. I have looked these over and Marje Day did a wonderful job of providing the group with pictures and news articles for posterity. I hope to be able to do as well. I know that due to her health, she was not able to get pictures of some of the events, mainly meetings, over the last year or so. I would request anyone that has pictures or news articles that you would like to have archived, to please send them to me, either by email, snail mail or bring them to the next meeting. My email address is and my snail mail address is Judy LaMay 4903 St. Rte. 104E Oswego, NY 13126.

I would love to receive news articles on what your guild is doing for service projects for your community and/or news articles on your Quilt Shows and raffle quilts. I know that many of you contribute many quilt hours to help the needy in your community. Lets pass this information down to the future quilters.
I am hoping to bring the albums and some things of interest to the June meeting to put on display during the meeting. I took some good pictures at the March meeting and would like to put them on a display board so all can see. See you at the next meeting in June.


  Membership Report

As of April 1, 2012, are membership stands at 35 Member Guilds, 10 Business Members, 6 Individuals and 1 Not-for-Profit.

The following updates will be uploaded to the member side of the web site: Updated memberships Lists, QCNYS Officer and Committee Chairs, and Delegate Lists. Please check the information posted and let me know of any changes or corrections. We are working to make sure everything is up to date at all times.

At the last membership meeting, or shortly thereafter, a letter was issued to all Member Guild Presidents regarding the Calendar of Events we are working on for the web site. We are looking for information to post and permission from the guilds to post their contact information. If you are a Guild President, and did not receive a letter, check with your Delegates or drop me an email and I will send it out to you.

If you have a membership question, please feel free to contact me via email or by phone, evenings at 315-695-3425.

Report prepared by Linda Storrings
QCNYS Membership Chairman

If you have any membership questions, please contact me through my email or by phone, evenings and weekends, 315-695-3425.




QCNYS Delegate Meeting June 20, 2012   Hosted by Plank Road Quilt Guild and Mission Rose Quiltery
Cicero United Methodist Church
8416 N. Main St. (Route 11)
Cicero,  New York


From the west - Thruway East to Exit 36 (81 N)    Route 81 **  north to exit  30 (Route 31).  Turn Left  on Rt 31, and right at 2nd Light ( Rt. 11) Church is on the right- park in back.


From the East : Thruway west to Exit 36 (Rt  81 N) **  Follow directions above.


From the South: Route 81 North ** Follow directions above.


From the North: Rt . 81 South to Exit 30 (Rt 31) turn right on Rt 31 to first light (Rt  11) turn right on Rt. 11.  Church is on the right.  Park in back.


$ 8.00 PER PERSON - Make checks payable to Plank Road Quilt Guild and send with reservation form (below) to:

Marjorie Day
27 Mapleview Dr,
Pennellville, NY 13132 


DEADLINE FOR RESERVATIONS: June 6th 2012       Any Questions, call Marjorie Day 315-676-2479


======================CUT HERE AND MAIL BEFORE JUNE 6TH====================


After your name please list whether you are a Delegate, Business Member, Non-profit, Individual Member or Guest.


Name:                                                 List Guild, Business, etc


_______________________________          _____________________


_______________________________          _____________________


_______________________________          _____________________



$ 8.00 PER PERSON - Make checks payable to Plank Road Quilt Guild and send with reservation form to:

Marjorie Day
27 Mapleview Dr,
Pennellville, NY 13132 



 Any Questions, call Marjorie Day 315-676-2479


Delegate Meeting June 20, 2012
Hosted by Plank Road Quilt Guild and Mission Rose Quiltery

 ======================CUT HERE AND MAIL BEFORE JUNE 6TH====================



 Nominating Committee

It’s that time again – a nominating committee will be named at the June 2012 meeting. Please consider volunteering for this short-term responsibility. The schedule and responsibilities are as follows:

June 2012                  Committee forms and requests nominations from the floor (may also seek nominees up until the election in September)

August 2012              Committee announces a slate of candidates via the August newsletter

September 2012       Committee conducts the election during the September meeting and announces results for inclusion in the November 2012 newsletter

This is a great opportunity to meet people from other guilds and to provide a much needed service to QCNYS. Contact Pamela Langdon for more information or to volunteer.







QCNYS TRAVEL CLUB – Late April thru December 2012


April 27 - 29 Amherst Museum Quilters' Guild

May 5  Webster Quilt Guild

June 8 - 10 North Country Quilt Guild

July 13 - 15 Thumbstall Quilt Guild

July 15 - 27  Quilting by the Lake Quilt Show

September 22 - 23 Snow Country Quilters

October 5 - 6 Morningstar Quilt Guild

October 12 - 14 Piecemakers of Moravia

October 19 - 20 Museum Quilt Guild

October 27 - 28 Lake Country Quilt Guild

October 28 - December 1  Schweinfurth Q=A=Q Show


Other Member Guild Quilt Shows

Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild

presents the
31st Quilt Show

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Quilting
June 2 & 3, 2012

Suffolk Community College, Riverhead, NY

for registration form and more info.

Highlights of the show include:
ELIQG Member Challenge 2012: “Star Spangled Banner”.


Exhibit of quilted placemats.All placemats will be donated to area Meals-On-Wheels programs.


Written appraisals will be available at the ELIQG 2012 Quilt Show by Joyce M. Fischer Sign up with Joyce Fischer. See our email at for her contact info.

Saturday, June 2, 2012, 11 AM & 2 PM and Sunday, June 3, 2012, 12 PM & 2 PM

“150 Years of Quilts”: is a lecture and show of quilts from the 1820’s to the 1970’s by Phyllis Twigg Hatcher. See how quilts of each era have their own beauty and what makes the quilt an example of its decade.



The Wiltwyck Quilter's Guild of Kingston, NY

will conduct a series of lectures and workshops in Kingston, NY.
May 4, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. in Kingston, NY, Bonnie Hunter will present a Cathedral Stars workshop- all day ($40 visitor)

May 19, 2012 at Grace Community Church, Carol Gilham-Jones's lecture "Tile Quilt Revival" will begin at 9:20 ($6 visitor) and at noon a half-day workshop "Making a Tile Quilt Block"

For more information and availability of the workshops, please contact Shirley at (845) 876-2556



Does your Guild or Shop have an upcoming event?  Get the word out!!

Send your information to Val Schultz, for the next QCNYS Network News!!



QCNYS Delegate Meeting Schedule


June 20, 2012                 Plank Road Quilt Guild, Cicero NY

September 19, 2012        Lake to Lake Quilt Guild, Gorham NY

December 5, 2012          

September 2013             Thumbstall and Patchwork Plus


* Effective December 7, 2011 a $100 stipend from QCNYS is provided to the host guild to help offset the cost of hosting meetings.

The modest fee paid by each attendee will remain in effect. Many host guilds also offer raffle baskets to further reduce the expense of hosting the quarterly meetings



I Have A Vision
I have a vision. Can you help out? I have been involved with QCNYS and attended meetings for quite a few years. I am impressed with all that is represented across the state along with the wealth of ideas and talent. I have a vision that can offer member guilds a new, exciting and ongoing benefit to QCNYS membership.

On a recent visit with a quilting friend in Arizona, I discovered that they have a very active network of guilds, with much sponsorship from the state of Arizona. I believe that Maine has a similar situation. Because the hunger and focus for most groups is education, the driving force is in programs and workshops. The state sponsors quite a few wonderful events with big name teachers funded by dues and the state itself. Workshops are held regionally and include more than one class at each event. These are not quilt shows, just events for education.

So, how can we apply this to our state? We already have a network in place for the state as a whole – our own QCNYS. Individual guild program chairs spend hours putting together an annual menu of programs and workshops, some with much success, others with limited success. The intent that is emphasized at program meetings is that we will share information from guild to guild regarding workshops. The truth is that sometimes it works out and many times it does not. My thought is that if we divide our resources in order to conquer our smaller tasks, we can become quite an enviable group with much to offer to all involved.
What I am looking for is a group formed of all program chairs (and anyone else that wants to be involved) within several geographical regions across the state. Within each group we will have a structure of leaders- one or co-chairs. These groups will be responsible for ensuring that information regarding workshops, programs, local teachers is up to date and accurate within their respective terms to their regional leaders. The regional leaders would be responsible for making sure the information is communicated properly to the website and group as a whole. Once we have the basics in place, we can grow and will have the ability to put together larger statewide workshop events available to all members.
Leisa Fisher and Natalie Masker have stepped forth to help out to help in our venture. I thank you for this, ladies! The three of us will need more help as time goes on. Involvement can be as little as making a few phone calls once a season to chairing a local group. Each of us has something we can offer.
Is there anyone among us that has any experience with applying for grants from the state? Grant money that could be used for funding educational events to scholarships?

We have a fantastic group with much to offer to New York State! We want to continue to make sure the benefits of membership within QCNYS are clear and visible to everyone so that all guilds want to be involved. With focus and involvement from all members, we can be that group. Think about the part you want to play. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Marilyn Urciuoli, QCNYS Vice President
8414 Hobnail Rd., Manlius, NY 13104
315-682-6134, 315-415-2923 (cell),,






Guild Program Opportunities


Would your guild like to announce your program plans? We would be pleased to include it - please send your information to 

The Amherst Museum Quilters' Guild
Will be sponsoring its Annual Four Day Seminar Sept. 12 - 15, 2012 (Wed. thru Sat). There are four classes offered each day. They run from 9- 4. The national teachers this year will be Beth Ferrier and Anita Grossman Solomon. There will be two local teachers also each day. Lunch is available. The lecture by Beth Ferrier is 7 pm on Wednesday for a small fee. More information about classes and costs and a registration form will be available on our website There is a limit of 20 per class so sign up early. There are many nearby motels and restaurants, if needed. We are only a few miles from the Interstate. The venue is the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village (formerly the Amherst Museum).

2012 Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild Programs
Wed., May 2, Joyce Fischer will speak on Quilt Appraisal. Quilts old and new should be appraised for insurance value. Joyce will talk about the steps taken during an appraisal, types of appraisals, value, with examples and Q&A at the end. You will be surprised at the values of quilts you are making today. Appraisals should be done for insurance, fair market and donation/estate values. Each item being appraised is unique and specifically analyzed by the appraiser.

Wed., May 30, at SCCC New Library in Riverhead, Linda Luggen’s Lecture Stories Live On Through My Quilts. This is a lecture of sharing the story of quilts in my family. I show you the quilts as I tell the stories of my family from the late 1800s through the Great Depression and on to the present. I also show the quilts I am making today and reflect on the inspiration my past has given me. The showing is approximately 20 quilts.

Sat.& Sun, June 2 & 3, ELIQG Quilt Show: lectures by Phyllis Twigg Hatcher, Annapolis, MD
Saturday, June 2, 2012, 11 AM & 2 PM
Sunday, June 3, 2012, 12 PM & 2 PM
“150 Years of Quilts”: is a lecture and show of quilts from the 1820’s to the 1970’s by Phyllis Twigg Hatcher. See how quilts of each era have their own beauty and what makes the quilt an example of its decade.


Fri., August 3, Peggy Oppenheimers’ Square In A Square Technique Lecture and Trunk Show. Peg Oppenheimer has been quilting since 1999. Once she learned Jodi Barrows' Square in a Square™ method she became hooked! She became a Certified Square in a Square™ instructor in 2001. Peg has since also completed her certification for Creative Curves and Jodi Barrows' new Diamond options.
Saturday, August 4, Peggy Oppenheimer, Homestead Star/Spilt Bear Paw Workshop.

Wed., Sept 5, Dianne Rode Schneck from NYC with present her trunk show: Quilts with a Sense of Humor (Quilts and Commentary) There are serious Art Quilts, and then there are quilts that are just for fun. I’ll bring my greatest hits, and talk about how I made them and why, and how you can add a touch of humor to your own work. Some are funny, some are silly, and some are just plain weird. It’s all in good fun!

Fri., October 5, Susan Ball Faeders’ Lecture Quilting in Japan. In this bird’s-eye view digital slide show, I’ll share photos of quilts that I have seen in Japan recently—over the last few years. I’ll identify the work of some of the top sensei (teachers), and show what is most innovative and most traditionally Japanese.” I’ll explain how quilting “works” in Japan, and show how the situation is reversing—that is, how American quilters are now being affected by the Japanese quilt industry. Susan is from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Sat., October 6, Susan Faeders’ Folded kimono & Flower Workshop:
Learn a bit of Japanese origami and then reproduce your folded origami kimono and flowers in fabric. Appliquéd to a background, the kimono and folded flowers make a lovely small quilt.

Thumbstall Quilt Guild
On May 15 Thumbstall Quilt Guild will host an Open Meeting featuring a Trunk Show by Sue Beevers. Non-Thumbstall Guild members are invited - Admission is $5.00. The meeting starts at 7 pm at Marcellus United Methodist Church, 1 Slocombe Avenue in Marcellus, NY 13108.

On September 19, Thumbstall Quilt Guild, 1 Slocomb Ave., Marcellus, New York will present a workshop by Caren Betlinski. The title will be Cone Flower. Caren is an artist at thread painting and we will learn many of her techniques. The workshop will be from 9 am to 3:30pm. If you would like to participate
please call 315-673-3953. The cost is $30.00.

The Wiltwyck Quilter's Guild
Friday, May 4, 2012. Will sponsor Bonnie Hunter's workshop, "Cathedral Stars" (Non-members $40).


May 19, 2012, Carol Gilham-Jones will present a lecture and trunk show "Tile Quilts:Then and Now" at Grace church in Lake Katrine. Carol, author of "Tile Quilt Revival: Reinventing a Forgotten Form", will tell us the story of tile quilts from their beginning in the 19th century to modern times. A half day workshop on creating a tile block will follow the meeting. (Non-members $30) For further information, please call (845) 876-2556.


June 2011 (updated May 2012)

Please consider volunteering for one of the following positions; without these positions filled, we cannot continue to provide the programs that many of our membership have found valuable.


We are currently looking for volunteers for the following appointed position:


Build Your Guild Event Coordinator: In 2006 and 2009, QCNYS hosted a one day “Build your Guild” event to provide a venue for member guilds to share ideas for hosting and promoting events, publishing newsletters, guild and meeting organization, along with a host of other topics.  The Coordinator shall oversee the research and obtain a suitable location, organize the food required, recruit volunteers to facilitate discussions and scribes to take notes, and to oversee the publication of these notes and distribution to the membership. 


 If you or someone else in your Guild might be interested in this position, please contact our Information Chairman for more information or to sign up.      Val Schultz (585) 229-2908






QCNYS Meeting Minutes March 21, 2012
Meeting was opened at 10:30 by Pamela Langdon, President.

Minutes from the last meeting stand as published in the newsletter.

Treasurer reported balance of $17,958.

Report by Janet Lutz on Passports. There are 13 shows this year. The Grand Prize will again be a weekend donated by Oh Suzannas' Quilt shop; to Be eligible you must attend all shows. To be eligible for the basket drawing you must attend 6 shows.

Passports are packaged in envelopes of 10 for guilds and they are $5 apiece. Bring the money from Passport sales and any remaining passports to the June 2012 meeting .

Vice President is looking for a core group to help arrange regional meetings. They are trying to arrange speakers for each region that would be open to all the groups in that region.

We are looking for a guild to host Build a Guild Workshop. There would have to be rooms that the groups could split up into for the different segments. The group hosting Build a Guild will not be responsible for the cost of the meeting ( renting the building.... ) those costs will be the responsibility of QCNYS.

Donations that were collected in December were delivered to Samaritian House in Binghamton. They were very appreciative of all the donations. Thank you to Heart and Hand in Farmington for the large number of donations they collected.

April 15 is the deadline for the newsletter. Please submit to Val Schultz any items of interest, any programs that are open to others especially speakers or classes that you need to fill.

There are; 6 Individual Members, 10 business Members, 35 Guild Members and 1 not for profit.
To decrease confusion the the website password will stay the same for the next few years. the password is logcabin.

A Calendar of Events is in the works.
We would like to list all guild meetings on the calendar. When submitting information for the calendar, please have a contact phone number and the name of the person connected to the contact number. Also if your guild has a website please include the website address.

Consortium delegate notebooks are being discontinued. Current info is on the website and will be updated quarterly. We are trying to go green and the money saved can be put back into grants and scholarships that benefit our members.

Historian: Anything that you have that needs to be recorded for posterity, pictures, news paper articles please give to the historian Judy LeMay.

Service Projects : A questionier was passed out at meeting to be filled out and turned in by end of meeting . A variety of projects were listed and the 3 with the most votes will become this years service projects. The projects chosen will be reported in next newsletter.

Members reported on new and interesting things their guilds were doing.

The next meeting is June 20th.

Lunch was enjoyed by all, followed by guest speaker Karen Gibbs from Wings Falls quilt guild and show and tell.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:10 by President Pamela Langdon.

Respectfully submitted by
Martha Wetzler
Secretary, QCNYS


 Newsletter Deadline and Submission Needs


The deadline for submissions to the next newsletter is July 15th, 2012. All articles, reports and other items of interest must be emailed to no later than that date.


We are happy to accept program information, quilting hints, recipes (could be edible, might be a recipe for a quilt), challenge ideas, block or fabric swap proposals, even the occasional bit of poetry.

Please note that absolutely no hardcopy items will be accepted. Submissions must be in a format that enables editing – Microsoft Word is preferred. 




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